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Breakfast Menu

Lunch Menu


Students will utilize a Cafeteria Computer System (Caf Trac) to purchase meals and other food/drink items. Students will be assigned an account ID number to access their account.  Students will have the opportunity to submit money into their accounts in their homerooms daily.  Students will be permitted to obtain a lunch for only 3 days without an account balance.  On the fourth day of insufficient funds students may be required to carry their own lunch from home.  Report cards will be withheld at the end of the school term if any student owes funds until the delinquent funds are paid. All unpaid balances will be turned over to the district magistrate.

School Lunch Prices:

Paid Lunch $1.80/day $9.00/week
Reduced Lunch $.40/day $2.00/week
Paid Breakfast $1.10/day $5.50/week
Reduced Breakfast $.30/day $1.50/week
Milk-paid, free, reduced $.55/day $2.75/week

Note: All Kindergarten students must pay $.55 for milk at snack time.
Applications for free/reduced lunch are sent home at the beginning of the school year.  If your child meets the requirements for free/reduced lunch, the office staff will notify you. At the beginning of a school year, the district will follow the previous year’s eligibility list until the new list is approved. Applications are taken at any time of the school year, if needed.

Cafeteria Conduct:

During a student’s lunch period in the cafeteria he/she shall behave in an orderly manner.  Students should speak at a low volume and not yell in the cafeteria.  Misbehavior in the cafeteria will not be tolerated.  Excessive misconduct in the cafeteria will follow the discipline policy.