Because of you

We have so many staff members at MCA that go above and beyond — we would like to be able to highlight some of the great work they do for our students and school district!
Here are some examples of who we would like to highlight:
Putting MCA students first: A staff member that has consistently gone above and beyond for the betterment of our learning community and with students in mind!
Innovation: A staff member who has created a new program or advanced a current program within our school district.
* Effort over time: A special recognition to staff members who over time have made a positive impact on our school district and community.
Two winners will be selected each month (one from each building) starting on November 1st.


October 2021 Staff Nominations

Junior Senior High School

Nominee: Marcy Miriello
Nominated by: Gary Wychock 

Marcy is more than a secretary. She is the go-to person for anything and everything you need to know. But the main reason I am nominating her is because of all the time and effort she puts into the BuddyBag program — which fills students’ essential needs which extends beyond the normal school day hours.


Nominee: Aaron Domanski
Nominated by: Lexie Danilowicz 

    There’s no question as to whether Aaron is involved in our district. As a previous student at Mt. Carmel Aaron was my Odyssey of the Mind Coach back in 2005. He has continued to coach me throughout my school career. In addition to Odyssey of the Mind, he was also my Powderpuff coach, Stock Market Team advisor, teacher, Haunted High advisor, and more. It was in Aaron’s class that I decided that I want to go into teaching. He has great respect for his students and he goes above and beyond for them. That was something that I would like to try to accomplish.

      After graduating in 2013, I was still in contact with Aaron about my career path and my general well-being. When I returned to my alma mater, I was happy to know that Aaron was still here, and he was still changing lives. Aaron has helped me countless times now as a peer instead of as a student. After seeing the “behind the scenes” of things here at MCA, I am truly able to see the amount of time and effort he continuously puts into our district. Aaron has made a major impact on me as a student, and still continues to do so today. I would consider him to be a legacy at this school, because he puts his heart and soul into everything he has done, all the way from 2005 until now. His dedication is unmatched. Without Aaron I would not have been where I am today, and I know that I’m not the only student who he had and continues to have such an impact on. That is why I am nominating him for this award, without Aaron I would not be here teaching at MCA.

MCA Elementary School

Nominee: Lisa Bonshock
Nominated by: Barb Bettylon

I am a better teacher because of my co-teacher, Lisa Bonchock. I could not do this job without her. We are able to “TAG TEAM” throughout the day to keep transitions fluid and co-teach during large group lessons. She is the queen of “The Teachable Moment”. When we are observed by state or university supervisors, they tease that we must be telepathic because we can communicate without saying a word. (We joke that we share a brain!) Her ability to step in when needed without being asked is a skill I am truly thankful for. She is one of the few people who enjoyed lunch duty in the cafeteria so that she could see all of the kids and she loves her morning hall duty so that she can greet them. Her motto is, “my greeting or conversation may be the first kind words they hear that day, and isn’t it better to start your day on a positive note?”. When she is absent kids in all grades are wondering where she is. She is sincere and truly cares about the students. My favorite thing about Lisa is that even during some of the most stressful situations, she can find the humor and make me laugh. We love our job and although it can be exhausting, I am fortunate that I get to go to work each morning with one of my best friends.