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American History

The development of the United States for the period of discovery and colonization to the end of the Civil War, with attention to the most important political, economic, social, and cultural forces.

Principals of Sociology
The course is designed to introduce the student to the unique perspective of the sociologist.  Students will learn about the history of the field, research methods, culture, stratification, deviance, social psychology, and various others areas. This course lays the theoretical and conceptual framework for other sociology courses.
General Psychology

The course will introduce students to the study of psychology as the science of behavior and mental process. Theoretical perspectives, major concepts, and historical trends will be examined utilizing current research findings.  Students will develop understanding of their own and others’ behavior and mental processes.  Throughout the course, critical thinking will be emphasized.

Intro to Philosophy

An introduction to an in-depth practicum involving problem solving, decision making, and choice making techniques which enable the systematic study of life and the universe in terms of which every element of human experience can be interpreted.