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MISSION STATEMENT The mission of the Mount Carmel Area School District is to provide a comprehensive curriculum, with the belief that all are capable of learning in a caring and safe environment where all students will develop self-confidence, the ability to work independently, and cooperatively.

MESSAGE FROM ADMINISTRATION Welcome to Mount Carmel Area Junior – Senior High School. This curriculum planning guide has been created to assist you in planning your high school coursework. Please do not hesitate to challenge yourself by taking advantage of the variety of courses offered. Preparation in high school will facilitate your success in life after high school. Good luck in all of your future endeavors.

Lisa Varano, High School Principal

Pete Cheddar, Jr High School Principal

MESSAGE FROM THE GUIDANCE OFFICE One purpose of the Guidance and Counseling Department is to assist you as you form your adolescent and adult identity. To this end, activities are planned in individual and small group formats for grades 7-12. These activities are designed to help you identify individual strengths, talents, areas of personal and career interest, and aspects that may need improvement or academic remediation. Counselors help their advisees plan and evaluate their academic programs, monitor progress toward graduation, and assemble postsecondary alternatives. The choices students make each year directly affect the life options they have upon graduation. Don‘t hesitate to ask for advice, search through career and scholarship databases, visit with admissions and military representatives, and keep your family informed of your progress. With careful searching, thoughtful course selections, and honest effort and persistence, you can take pride in yourself and look forward to what life holds in store for you!

Anne Darrup Guidance Counselor

Erica Nestico Guidance Counselor



Planning your educational program is always a serious responsibility. The subjects that you choose to study in high school today will greatly influence your future life. This Curriculum Planning Guide is designed to encourage the wise and comprehensive planning of your secondary school program. It is intended to provide sufficient information so that the student and his/her parents may take a major responsibility in this planning. In selecting your courses of study give careful thought to your future educational and vocational goals, to your past academic achievement, and to your abilities, aptitude, and interest. You are encouraged to build your individual program with these points in mind:

1. Get as much advice as you can in planning your program. The best planning is usually accomplished by the cooperative efforts of students, parents, teachers, and school counselors.

2. Wherever possible and assuming your interest are strong, develop a program which allows for a two or three year study in a particular subject.

3. Avail yourself of the fine arts offerings which are rich and varied.

4. Don’t pass up the opportunity to develop skills and interest in the areas of business education, computer technology, and vocational education.

5. You should realize that the four years you spend in high school can be a rich period of growth. Those students who are not satisfied with the minimum program and who are willing to venture forth in many areas of the curriculum and extracurricular program will find many rewarding experiences.

6. You are urged to consider all of these factors in carefully planning a full program which will demand your very best.

SELECTION OF SUBJECTS The following are a few suggestions when selecting your courses: Study carefully the entire program that is offered by the Mount Carmel Area High School so that you can take the fullest advantage of its variety and flexibility. Keep in mind graduation requirements. Discuss with your parents, teachers, and counselors the practicability of your educational and vocational plans. Choose your subjects carefully, keeping in mind the subject areas in which you have been successful and unsuccessful up to now and the result of predictive tests you have taken; and After meeting with your counselor, your parents will receive a copy of what subjects you have chosen. If there are any questions, they are urged to contact the counselor or principal. Parents are invited to participate in the student-counselor meeting.


Required Courses: Grade 9

English 9

Algebra 1 or other math course

Biology I

Health 9

Physical Education

Industrial Arts Language

Creative Computer Usage or Senior Band Art,

Senior Chorus or Developmental Studies

Grade 10

English 10

World History

Math course

Science course

Language (highly recommended)

Physical Education

Grade 11

College English 11 or other English course

US History

Math course

Science course

Language (highly recommended)

Physical Education Health 11

Grade 12

College English 12 or other English course

Problems of Democracy

Math course

Science course

Language (highly recommended)