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Dual Enrollment Classes

College level courses available for 11th and 12th grade students.  Luzerne County Community College will offer American History and Principles of Sociology for juniors and General Psychology and Intro. To Philosophy for seniors.  Courses will take place during the regular school day at the school.

The cost for each course is approximately $120 ($240 for both courses).  An additional fee may be charged for the cost of textbooks. In previous years, a scholarship was available to students which covered a portion of the tuition.  Students are responsible for applying for the scholarship.  Scholarship recipients are chosen through LCCC. Parents will be responsible for paying the entire cost of the courses, minus any scholarship money awarded.  To be eligible to take the LCCC courses students must have an 85 or higher grade point average and pass LCCC placement testing ($25 testing fee).

College level courses are weighted courses with a weighting of 1.12.  Once students receive their final grades in the college courses, they have the option of including the grade into the calculation of their GPA or just listing the courses as a Pass or a Fail.  This allows students to take college level courses without the fear of it potentially hurting their GPA and class rank.

Any 10th or 11th grade student interested in taking these college level classes should stop by the Guidance Office for additional information.

Dual Enrollment Course Descriptions

Mrs. Erica Nestico

Mrs. Erica Nestico

Guidance Counselor