Numerical grades are placed on report cards for each marking period. These grades correspond to the marking system listed below. Permanent record grades are recorded numerically.

A          90 – 100       Excellent
B          80 – 89         Good
C          70 – 79         Average
D          65 – 69         Poor
F           0 – 64           Failure

Distinguished Honors        95 – 100   and 3.50 Minimum Credits
1st Honors                             90 – 94    and 3.50 Minimum Credits
2nd Honors                            85 – 89    and 3.50 Minimum Credits

*  Students earning a 69% or lower in any course will disqualify the student from honor roll status.


  • Any parent wishing to schedule a conference must contact the guidance office. Teachers are not available during instructional time.
  • Parents can access homework assignments and grades for their child through SIS. If you need to set up a user account, please contact the Technology Resources Office @570-339-1500 ext. 3152
  • Any assignment grade – lower than 70% – the parent will receive an email notification alerting them of the grade. Parents are reminded to update their email in SIS.
  • Student progress reports will be issued every 3 weeks
  • Reports cards are issued quarterly (9 weeks) throughout the year to inform parents of their children’s progress
  • Parent-teacher conferences are scheduled by teachers as needed



At the secondary level, a student may be considered for retention if he/she is failing (2) major subjects: reading, language arts, mathematics, social studies, and science, for the year and has not been retained already in that grade. (All requests for retention recommendations must be made by May 15th. Parental requests must come in writing and supported in writing by an independent evaluation or a physician’s recommendation.

GPA Calculation:

Grade multiplied by course credit = points

Total points divided by total credits = GPA

If a course is withdrawn, it receives 0 credit and is not calculated in the GPA

For example, the marking period GPA calculation for a student taking two 1.00 credit courses and one .50 credit course would be:

Grade 1 * (1.00 credit) + Grade 2 * (1.00 credit) + Grade 3 * (.50 credit)
2.50 credits

For a weighted GPA, multiply the grade by the weight value first
Weighted course do not apply to students in 7th or 8th grade
Starting 9th grade, weighted classes will be used

The grade for Divider’s Education is not included in GPA calculations.

Weighted Classes:

To encourage students to challenge themselves, a weighted system has been instituted to rank students. This system was implemented beginning with the 1999-2000 freshman class. The more difficult the class is, the higher the ranking. The scale used for this ranking is:

Course Level 1 = 1.00 Grade = 80, Weighted Grade = 80.0
Course Level 2 = 1.04 Grade = 80, Weighted Grade = 83.2
Course Level 3 = 1.08 Grade = 80, Weighted Grade = 86.4
Course Level 4 = 1.12 Grade = 80, Weighted Grade = 89.6

Weighted Final Averages will be calculated at the END of the school year, for rating purposes only.