Individualized Education Program

Special Education team members determine whether specially designed instruction is needed. If specially designed instruction is needed, a plan is developed so that the student can receive the help that is needed. The plan is called an Individualized Education Program (IEP). The IEP plan is developed by the IEP team. The team includes the parent/guardian, the student, the guidance counselor, the principal, the school psychologist, the regular education teacher(s), the special education teacher, and anyone else who has a direct interest or knowledge of the student’s educational program.

The IEP lists everything the parent/guardian needs to know about the student’s educational program. The plan includes the student’s strengths and needs, educational goals and objectives, specially designed instruction, where the program is located, and when the program will begin and end. Specific goals and objectives are necessary on the IEP, and parents must receive progress reports quarterly. The Special Education teacher will provide progress reports to the parent/guardian.

IEP’s are reviewed and rewritten yearly, or when there is a change in the student’s program, or when any member of the IEP Team requests a meeting. The same procedure is followed in which the special education teacher will arrange the IEP meeting.