The Maria Kaupas Center in Mount Carmel works in conjunction with Bucknell University staff and students to provide a quality experience for Mount Carmel Area Junior High Students every summer.  Currently the number of students is limited due to available funding.  Sending more Tornadoes to this camp is one of the primary goals of the foundation.

During the camp which is held every June, students will visit Bucknell University to take part in academic and athletic activities.  In addition Bucknell staff and athletes visit the MCA Campus to provide and conduct a variety of STEAM(Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) activities during the camp.

Curriculum:  The goal of STEAM is to spark and sustain interest, engagement, and achievement in STEM content; and evidence based programs and activities to help students meet state and local academic achievement standards. Accordingly, this project will implement a variety of robust evidence-based STEM activities.

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Kaupas Camp 2021 Pictures