2017 – 2018 MCA Live:


Miranda Fiamoncini

Katie Flynn

Sports Editor:

Nick Diminick


Lily Britt

Julia Burns

Alexa Collins

Samantha Darrup

Nick Diminick

Miranda Fiamoncini

Katie Flynn

Colin Herb

Zachary Hunter

Kaylee Kane

DaniRae Renno

Andrew Rooney

Olivia Rusk

Bradley Shurock

Nick Troutman

Elijah Watkins

Mackenzie Witt

Mackenzie Zerbe

MCA LIVE is a morning news program highlighting school and community information and events. Students in Mrs. Diane Rumbel’s News Reporting Class anchor the news live from the George McFee Studio each morning. The show is an informative educational service that cable-casts throughout Mount Carmel and surrounding areas on Service Electric Cablevision channel 13.  Viewers can also watch live and archived programs on the MCA LIVE Youtube Channel beginning at 7:40 a. m. each school day.

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Requests for community events or local coverage of any topics are welcome.  Consideration of requests will be based on student crew availability, educational or cultural value, and time constraints.   WKMCTV will not promote an event for the sole purpose of generating a financial profit for a subject or business.  Exceptions may be made for non-profit volunteer organizations or events that benefit the public good through enhancing local availability of essential services.