Attendance Information

The Mount Carmel Area School District’s attendance policy is designed to encourage maximum student attendance and punctuality.  No factor has a more direct relationship to a student’s success in school than a good attendance record. The school can best fulfill its goals when students are present in the classroom.  The child’s parents/guardians are legally responsible to ensure that the child attends school on a regular basis and is absent only for the reasons allowed by law (illness, death in the immediate family, and educational excuse are the most common).  Any parent/guardian found violating the law is subject to prosecution, fine (up to $300), court costs and sentencing to complete a parenting education course.
If the parent is not convicted and the child continues to be truant, the child will be fined $300 or be assigned to an alternative education program.

Elementary School Absences:
Parents should notify the school by 8:45 a.m. for students when students are absent.  Please call 339-1500 ext. 3167.  If the school office is not notified, the parent will be contacted to verify the absence.

Parent notes are required for all absences and must be given to the teacher the day following the absence.  Failure to provide a note within two days of the absence constitutes an unlawful absence.
Students who miss an excessive number of school days may be required to provide a doctor’s excuse.  After seven days of absences, a warning letter will be sent to the parent.  After 10 days of absences, parents will be notified in writing that a doctor’s excuse will be required for all subsequent absences.  Failure to provide a doctor’s excuse, when required, will cause the absence to be unlawful.  After 3 unlawful absences, a warning letter will be sent to the parent.  A copy of the letter will be sent to Northumberland County Children & Youth Service and Juvenile Probation. Any unlawful/unexcused absences after this letter will constitute a fine being levied against the parent/guardian of the student and the student or other suggested disposition by the District Magistrate.  Fines will continue for any unlawful/unexcused absences.

Pre Kindergarten and Kindergarten students who are absent 10 consecutive or a total of 30 days without a doctor’s note will be dropped from the class rolls as they must adhere to all school attendance policies.

In order to participate in after school activities, students must be in school that day.

Families are encouraged to take vacations during the summer months to ensure their child’s academic success.  Parents must complete a vacation request form for approval for an educational vacation to ensure legal absences.  Students must be passing all classes in order to be approved for vacation.  Students will not be permitted more than one vacation request per year.  Students are responsible for all work during this period.


  • Tardy students must report directly to the office and must be accompanied by a parent/guardian.
  • If a student is late because of a medical appointment, a written excuse is required.  If one is not provided, the tardy will be unexcused.
  • After the fifth tardy without a doctor’s note, the student will make up the tardy time that day.  The student will stay after school for one additional half hour.

Important Notes:
Students will be charged a half-day absence if they are more than one hour late to school or if they leave more than one hour before school ends.

Leaving School for Appointments:
All appointments should be made after school hours if possible.  When not possible, appointments should be the first thing in the morning or late in the afternoon.  In order to be excused from school, students must submit a written request to the teacher one day in advance.
Students are not excused for any reason without written permission from parents.
Students must sign in and out at the office. Parents or designees should pick up students at the office or call to verify arrangements.