MCAE School-Wide Title I Program

Mount Carmel Area Elementary School operates a Schoolwide Title I program. Title I is a federally funded program
designed to support the academic growth of all students, and is a part of the “Every Student Succeeds Act” of 2015.
The funds generated through the Title I grant are dedicated to ensure students have access to supplemental instruction
in core content areas, research based instructional strategies and assessments, a focus on early childhood literacy, and
highly qualified teachers. Reading specialists are strategically placed in regular classrooms in grades 4-6, while
students in grades K-2 may receive supplemental instruction from our Title I Reading Specialist. These staff members
work with classroom teachers to support and instruct struggling students, as determined by standard assessments,
universal screening tools, running records, and teacher observations. This is a fluid program that provides academic
support, based on multiple data sources, to any/all students, at any time throughout the school year.
Academic support includes:

§ Benchmark reading assessment (DIBELs) of all students in K-2, three times a year to monitor that they are
reading at or above grade-level.
§ iReady Diagnostic Assessments.
§ Hybrid Learning Instructional Model in grades 4-6.
§ Strategic intervention groups that meet, in addition to classroom core instruction, for students in need of
research-based reading and/or mathematical interventional instruction strategies. The groups are designed to
help students of similar ability levels learn and achieve more than they do from only core classroom
§ Intervention programs which improve reading skills like phonics, fluency, and comprehension.
§ Individual support for struggling learners who require support beyond our intervention programs.
§ Parent communication and resources to support students’ reading and math at home.
If you have any questions about our Title I program, please contact building principal, Ms. Susan Nestico.