Career-Technology Education

The Northumberland County Career and Technology Center offers students options to meet their interest, abilities, and talents. Students may select from 11 different courses of study. Each course has a hands-on- shop experience in addition to classroom instruction in theory. Each shop counts as elective credits towards graduation.  Students in the Mount Carmel Area School District have an opportunity to attend the Northumberland County Career and Technology Center either half days in grades 10 through 12 or a full day their senior year. This allows for greater flexibility in scheduling and more options for students. Students who attend the Northumberland County Career and Technology Center for half days receive 3.0 credits for each year they attend, while students who attend full-time their senior year, receive 8.0 credits. Students may elect to take a program/programs at the Northumberland County Area Vocational Technical School. In order to graduate from Mount Carmel Area, students must achieve Mount Carmel Area High School course completion requirements in language arts, social studies, mathematics, science/environmental education, wellness and fitness, and driver education. These requirements are as follows:

  1. The equivalent of 4 planned courses in communications ( 5 credits)
  2. The equivalent of 3 planned courses in science, technology, environment, and ecology studies ( 3 credits)
  3. The equivalent of 3 planned courses in citizenship/career education/work (3 credits)
  4. The equivalent of 3 planned courses in mathematics ( 3 credits)
  5. Electives including arts, humanities, computer education or other approved elective (2 credits)
  6. 3 planned courses in physical education ( 6/10ths of a credit) and 2 planned courses in health/wellness ( 5/10ths of a credit) (exploratory vo-tech 1 planned course in physical education and 1 planned course in health)
  7. 1 planned course in home economics/industrial arts ( 6/10ths of a credit) (not required for exploratory vo-tech)

The following are a list of programs available to students: Automotive Technology – CIP 47.0604     Automotive Technology provides instruction covering a wide range of skills for the high tech automotive industry. This includes engines, computer diagnostics, maintenance, repair and the opportunity to earn a PA State Inspection and Emissions Certification. Carpentry – CIP 46.0201    A program that prepares individuals to apply technical knowledge and skills to lay out, cut, fabricate, erect, install, and repair wooden structures and fixtures, using hand and power tools. Includes instruction in technical mathematics, framing, construction materials and selection, job estimating,blueprint reading, foundations and roughing-in, finish carpentry techniques, and applicable codes and standards. Students receive OSHA 10 certification. Collision Repair – CIP 47.0603    The program provides the skills necessary to transform a wrecked vehicle into a masterpiece. Students receive instruction with state of the art equipment for replacing or repairing auto body parts. Students learn to customize vehicles with painting techniques. Cosmetology – CIP 12.0401    This program builds skills for a variety of careers within the cosmetology industry. The course includes skills in hair, skin and nail care as well as salon procedures. Upon completion of the required hours, students will be eligible to take the PA State Boards. Culinary Arts – CIP 12.0508    The Culinary Arts course offers instruction in the commercial restaurant industry including: gourmet andfine dining, customer service, menu planning, cost control, sanitation and hygiene. The curriculum encompasses the complete food cycle including nutrition, ordering processes, menu design, and presentation skills. Students will have the opportunity to receive the ServSafe Certification. Students may also earn 1 college credit through Penn College Now. Electrical Construction – CIP 46.0399    Electrical Construction prepares students for entry level electrical and electronics careers. Theirtechnical applications include green technology instruction within the state of the art electrical laboratory. Computerized training equipment is utilized to prepare the students for careers in the “high-tech” electrical field. Students receive OSHA 10 certification. Health Occupations – CIP 51.0899    This program provides students with the hands on training necessary to offer care to patients while working alongside other qualified health care professionals. Students will be taught basic nursing skills, anatomy and physiology, and care of the patient with common diseases. CPR, First Aid are certifications that students may obtain. Students also have the opportunity to receive 3 credits for MTR104 Basics of Medical Terminology through Penn College Now. HVAC – CIP 47.0201    This program trains students to become qualified HVAC technicians and mechanics. A major portion of the instruction focuses on how to install, diagnose, service and maintain residential and commercial control wiring of HVAC Systems. Students receive OSHA 10 certification. Occupational Child Care – CIP 19.0708    This course encompasses all phases of early childhood development including physical, social, emotional, and intellectual. The curriculum also includes nutrition, guidance, discipline, and the value of play and the science of child development. This program contains a day care called Tiny Tech in which students experience what a day in a child care setting entails. Students who complete their hours, are eligible for the CDA Ready Certification. Students who participate in this program have the opportunity to be eligible for 7 credits through Luzerne County Community College. Students can also earn 3 credits through Penn College Now. Protective Services – CIP 43.999    This program is for students interested in pursuing a career, volunteer service, or post-secondary education in emergency medical, law enforcement, fire, or emergency management services. EMS Certification may be available through HACC. Welding – CIP 48.0508    This program prepares welders for entry level employment in a wide range of industrial and manufacturing firms. Courses in basic welding, Arc welding, MIG, TIG and Pipe welding or welding layout help to create a well-rounded welder. AWS certification opportunities make the graduate more marketable in business and industry. Safety is emphasized in all aspects of the welding program. Northumberland County Career & Technology Center Website