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When bandwidth is available for select games, WKMCTV will provide audio or video access to Red Tornado Football games on the links below.

You can donate to the Red Tornado Football Boosters by clicking on the Donate button below. Please consider a small donation to help defray expenses of equipment and technology for the Red Tornadoes.

The Red Tornadoes travel to Southern Columbia to take on the Tigers. It’s time for some football, so be there.. but if you can’t make it,  consider a small donation for any of your favorite MCA programs, and help us defray the cost of bringing you MCA Sports weekly, or buy a brick in Tornado Alley(south endzone).

2023 MCA vs. Southern Columbia


Proposed center display of bricks at Silver Bowl South End Zone

Purchase your brick or sign today!

   The Mount Carmel Area School District continues the Red Tornado Legacy Brick Project at the MCA Silver Bowl.  Tornado Alley continues to grow marking the legacy of local families, organizations and history.  Reserve your place today or advertise your business on banners placed along the south endzone of the field.  All proceeds will go to the general upkeep of the stadium.  

Red Tornado Football