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The Silver Bowl was built in 1932 by a committee of Mount Carmel business men headed by Hal Grossman and other community leaders including: George Wardrop, Elmer Williams, Harold Schaefer, Harry Jones, Walter Levine, Charles Lucas, Herman Ludes, Dr. Charles Feifer, Albert Landis, Ray Williams, William Ruffing, Ira Roadarmel, and Hal Anthony.

    The original stands, which seated 6,600, where constructed of wood. The 80 feet high steel light towers were erected for the opening game of the 1932 season. The lighting system was installed by a team of technicians from General Electric’s headquarters in Schenectady, New York. The team was so impressed with the facilities they boosted it was the most beautiful high school sports complex in existence and it would be the best lit high school stadium anywhere.

    In the mid-1930’s, stands were constructed in both end zones and painted silver. The new bleachers gave the stadium a bowl-like appearance. Thus, a sports scribe called the stadium the “Silver Bowl,” the name which is still used today. At this time, the stadium could accommodate 10,000 fans.

    In June of 1940, the wooden stands on the visitors side (west) were replaced with all steel grandstands, increasing the capacity to over 10,000. Also at this time, the home side was switched from the east side stands to the west side stands.

    In the 1950’s the end zone stands were removed, but by the 1970’s the south end zone stand was reconstructed. The press box was completed in 1972 and in 1978 the east visitors stands were replaced with the current steel grandstands, giving the stadium a seating capacity of 7,202.

The field house was replaced in 2012 and the track was resurfaced in 2013.  In the next year the field was officially renamed ‘The Joseph ‘Jazz’ Diminick Field in honor of Mount Carmel’s legendary former football coach.  Later in the same year the track was rededicated to Mr. Gerald Breslin, former MCA Track Coach who compiled a record of 29 years without a dual-meet loss.

Photos by Ben McFadden
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