Screening for an evaluation for a child thought to be in need of special education services requires the following:

An evaluation may be recommended by the school district’s Administration and/or Child Study Team. The evaluation cannot begin until parental approval/signature is acquired.

Parents of students who suspect their child is in need of special education services may request an evaluation of their child through a written request to the building principal, school psychologist, or special education coordinator.

The Mount Carmel Area School District employs the following procedures for locating, identifying and evaluating the needs of school age students requiring special education programs and / or services. These procedures, as required by State regulations, and are located in the following:

  1. Student Handbook
  2. School District Website
  3. Local Media (Television and Print)
  4. Special Education Brochure
  5. Child Find Flyer

As prescribed by Section 1402 and 1403 of the School Code, the district routinely conducts health screening for pre- kindergarten through 12th grade students:

vision, hearing, height / weight, mandated physical exams, and sports physicals; dental screening, and scoliosis screening

Gross motor and fine motor skills, academic and social emotional skills are assessed by the teachers and support staff on an ongoing basis. Various screening activities on an ongoing basis include:

  • Review of group-based data such as cumulative enrollment and health records
  • Report cards
  • Ability and achievement test scores
  • PSSA and PASA data
  • 4 Sight data
  • Child Study data

Identified needs from these screening sources, as well as information obtained from parents and outside agencies, are utilized for the evaluation process.. Screening information will be used by teams of professionals (i.e. Instructional Support, and/or Student Assistance, etc.) within the student’s school to meet his or her specific needs or to document the need for further evaluation. If it is determined that a child needs additional services, the team of professionals will design a comprehensive educational plan. If a student does not make adequate progress, parents will be asked to give written permission for further evaluation.

Following the professional evaluation, a report is prepared with parent involvement and includes specific recommendation of the type of intervention necessary to address the needs of the student. When the evaluation report is competed in accordance with the State regulations, an Individualized Education Plan meeting is held to design the child’s program.

Destruction of Information Concerning Students with Disabilities or those Evaluated