Because of you

We have so many staff members at MCA that go above and beyond — we would like to be able to highlight some of the great work they do for our students and school district!
Here are some examples of who we would like to highlight:
Putting MCA students first: A staff member that has consistently gone above and beyond for the betterment of our learning community and with students in mind!
Innovation: A staff member who has created a new program or advanced a current program within our school district.
* Effort over time: A special recognition to staff members who over time have made a positive impact on our school district and community.
Two winners will be selected each month (one from each building) starting on November 1st.



Nominees: Deb Parkansky & Marcy Miriello
Nominated by: Michelle Stellar & Cassandra NiglioDeb and Marcy deal with students on a daily basis in many different aspects. They always show kindness and are concerned for the students well being that they encounter. They go above and beyond their duties in many ways that may go unnoticed by others not in their presence. Their years of commitment to the Mount Carmel Area School District should be recognized by all.



Nominee: Chris Olson
Nominated by Hannah Monger & Heather Szoke

Mr. Olson’s dedication to his students both in the classroom and on the court and at the track is unmatched. He has created an environment of positivity and acceptance of all students no matter their ability level. The students’ respect for him highlights the effort he put into his classroom management. He coached his 7th grade basketball team to an undefeated season this year and continues to make efforts to encourage students to join extracurricular activities. The 7th grade team of teachers is lucky to have Mr. Olson as part of the team! 




Nominee: Tyrese Woods
Nominated by Carlie McGinley

I am nominating Tyrese for “Because of You” due to his eagerness to be helpful. Your hard work and determination to do a good job does not go unnoticed. Thank you, Tyrese! 




Nominee: Rachelle Kronenwetter
Nominated by Carlie McGinleyI am nominating Rachelle Kronenwetter for this months ‘Because of You”. Rachelle has recently joined our Life Skills/ Language Development Classroom and we could not be happier to have her as the newest addition to our team. She comes into our classroom every morning with a smile, patience of a saint and the eagerness to help wherever it is needed. We appreciate you Rachelle!


Nominee: Dan Moroz
Nominated by Kayla Gedney, Jenette Stapert, Neydine Santiago

Dan Moroz is on the second shift maintenance team and is always so nice and helpful. Whenever we have an issue and he is on he always finds a way to help us in our room. Thanks for everything Dan!


Nominee: Sherri Zerbe
Nominated by Kayla Gedney, Neydine Santiago, Jenette Stapert

Sherri is always so helpful. She is always around to open doors, get us what we need, clean whatever needs to be done. She always has a smiling face and is always there to help.

Nominee: Kelley Lesko and Lindsay Croker
Nominated by: Mrs. Backey

Both Mrs Lesko and Mrs Croker work very hard and tirelessly and give our Special needs students individualized attention and do not tire when doing so they give the students 100%
and then some. These two ladies both overwhelmingly deserve to be nominated for the Because of you award.     


Nominee: Abbi Swartz
Nominated by: Cheryl Heyer

Mrs. Swartz has fully jumped into and embraced her new role this year as the 6th grade inclusion teacher. She actively participates in planning, is a wonderful co-teacher, and is always coming up with new ideas or volunteering to create materials. The students trust her and feel that she is very kind and caring. Her room has become a “safe place” for many students, including some that are not on her caseload. I honestly don’t know what I would do without her!



Nominee: Thomas Dulsky, Karen McCracken, Patty Geist
Nominated by: Mary Hinkle & Meg Yeager

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and these three teachers have gone above and beyond to get students to eat school breakfast!  This year we added a grab and go station upstairs in the lobby of the sixth grade wing at the elementary school. Tom, Karen, and Patty have been dancing and singing in fruit costumes, helping hand out grab and go bags, reminding students to take a fruit or juice and sending kids from the classrooms to get breakfast if they didn’t already get it. The first day we started breakfast upstairs we served 88 breakfasts, since then we have seen breakfast counts as high 178. Words can’t express how grateful we are for all they are doing! It’s truly amazing to see how much they care about the students and it means so much to us that they are so willing to help with breakfast!!


Nominee: Thomas Dulsky
Nominated by: Michaelyn Reichwein

Tom has been a jolt of energy and a bit of kindergarten infused added to 6th grade. He is a wonderful addition to 6th grade and the children are so much better off with him pushing their reading skills to new heights! Plus our halloween hall looks awesome thanks to him.


Nominee: Tara Purcell
Nominated by: Barbara Bettleyon

Tara is our “Go to Girl”. Whenever we have a question and we aren’t sure where to find the answer, she is the one to turn to. It is like having your own Google Human. If Tara doesn’t have the answer, she can point you in the right direction. Another reason I wanted to nominate her is because of her dedication to the school and community. She is involved in so many things. For instance, she has been involved with the PTA for years and has been instrumental in getting needed items for the students, faculty and staff. She does outreach programs in her church to help with school supplies, clothing, appreciation gifts, community activities, etc. Her willingness to help and her devotion to volunteering make her a great candidate for this award.