Senior Yearbook Information

As you know, your senior yearbook will represent your final year at Mount Carmel Area High School. We want you to be included in your senior yearbook as much as possible so that it truly reflects your pinnacle year at MCA.

Without a doubt, the senior section of the yearbook is the most popular section amongst the seniors. The goal of this section is to highlight faces and avoid visual distractions of different head sizes, backgrounds and poses.

To ensure that every graduating senior has a photo in this section, you will be given the opportunity to have your picture taken by Professional School Photography this fall at school. You do not have to have your picture taken at the school, you may go elsewhere.


The photo should be composed as a formal head and-shoulders shot. Students shall be conservatively posed, full front or slightly to the side. Both eyes must be visible. No hats or props are permitted.


A standard studio background only.  No scenic outdoor backgrounds are permitted.  No busy or distracting backgrounds.


A standard studio background only. No scenic/outdoor backgrounds are permitted. No busy or distracting backgrounds.

Submit color photos, not black and white. Color photos may be changed to black and white, if necessary. It is your responsibility to make sure your photographer follows the specifications listed above. If you need further clarification of what is appropriate for your senior yearbook portrait, please e-mail Miss Stockalis at



Long sleeves are preferred. Modest necklines are required. Spaghetti straps, tank tops, or any top that shows shoulders, logos larger than 1” or any print deemed inappropriate, and headwear of any kind, will not be permitted.




A dress shirt will be the only type of clothing permitted. Headwear, of any kind may not be worn.

Clothing can be provided for those students who need.



Note: Photographs that do not adhere to these guidelines will not be published in the yearbook. Final decisions will be made by the yearbook advisor in consultation with the administration.

Students will also have the option of getting their picture taken in school one day next fall. This photo will be provided to the yearbook at no cost to you. No senior will be left out of the yearbook for financial reasons or because you are simply not interested in purchasing a yearbook.