Dress Code



The Board recognizes every student’s right to freedom of expression in speech, written or oral, as that right is guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution and the Supreme Court.

The Board also recognizes its obligation to provide schools where the health, safety and welfare of the students who attend our schools are given paramount consideration and where a positive learning environment must be maintained.

The Board is aware of its obligation to make every effort to minimize the opportunities for student disruption and/or distraction in the school.

The Board believes that a standard dress code policy will address issues related to the health, safety and welfare of the students and the maintenance of a positive learning environment.


The district, by the authority granted to it under the law, hereby immediately imposes a standard dress code policy for grades K-12 for all district students.

The administration reserves the right to amend the dress code for clothing styles that become trends which are associated with anti-social behavior or have a disruptive influence.


During instructional school hours and at any school-sponsored event on or off school property, no student shall wear any apparel or jewelry that by words, signs, pictures or combination thereof appearing on said clothing or jewelry advocates or promotes sexual activity, violence, or the use of alcohol, tobacco or drugs, or demeans, or degrades another because of race, sex, religious persuasion, national origin, handicap or disability.

The Board is cognizant of the diversity of the students within the school district. Certain students may have a religious preference which precludes the adherence to the standard dress code policy and the parents/guardians are directed to inform the school administration and accommodation will be made accordingly. Any parent/guardian whose children may suffer as a result of economic hardship is directed to advise the school principal and such cases will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Dress Code Update – June 2021