Guidance Office – CEEB Code: 392790


Christina Venna-Waugh     ext. 3123
Erica Nestico    ext. 3122






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Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Mount Carmel Area School District’s school counseling program to facilitate each student’s personal/social, academic, and career development to prepare students for post-secondary and career success.

Rules for Visiting Guidance Office

1. Unless it is an emergency, students must report to their class first, BEFORE coming to the guidance office. Students must receive a pass/signature in their agenda from their teacher in order to visit the guidance office.
2. If you have a study hall on your schedule, please use that time to visit, as so not to miss important information in your other classes.
3. Mrs. Darrup and Mrs. Nestico are also available after school until 3:00 pm on most days.

Add/Drop Policy

Students are able to make changes to their schedule within the first 3 weeks of school provided that they have written permission: 
– a parent/guardian
– teacher who’s class is being dropped
– teacher who’s class is being added
After 3 weeks, through the end of the first marking period, students are still able to make changes, but a meeting with the parent/student/teacher(s)/school counselor/administration will be held before any change is made.
No changes are allowed after the 1st marking period.
Mrs. Erica Nestico

Mrs. Erica Nestico

School Counselor