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Mother Maria Kaupas Center Purpose

The Mother Maria Kaupas Center seeks to provide volunteers the opportunity to build community while integrating faith, service, and justice into their lives within the Mount Carmel Area. Some of the community building opportunities offered include local service and reflection experiences. We hope that through these experiences people will form ongoing relationships, especially within Mount Carmel and the surrounding communities.

The Mount Carmel Area School District would like to thank:

Bucknell University

The Central Susquehanna Intermediate Unit

The Mother Maria Kaupas Center

MCASD would also like to recognize and thank the following donors, Bucknell University Staff and Athletic Department:

Men’s Basketball – Nathan Davis
Baseball – Scott Heather
Women’s Basketball – Aaron Roussell
Wrestling – Dan Wirnsberger
Track and Field – Kevin Donner
Tennis – Bruce Myers
Field Hockey – Jeremy Cook
Swimming and Diving – Dan Schinnerer
Theatre and Dance – Kelly Knox  
Center for Sustainability and the Environment – Sean Reese (River ecology), Flora Eyster-Newburgh (Native plants garden), Jessica Newlin  (white water rafting simulation). Digital Pedagogy and Scholarship – Luyang Ren (GIS), Janine Glathar (GIS), Brianna Derr (Video animation), Emily Sherwood (Video animation)
Bill Milbrand – Catawese Tours

CSIU and STEAM3S Involvement

STEAM3S is a Federal 21st Century Community Learning Center grant program funded by the Pennsylvania Department of Education and administered by the Central Susquehanna Intermediate Unit 16. STEAM3S staff will provide high quality and engaging curriculum throughout the camp.


You can help provide appreciation of learning and athletics by sending a Mount Carmel Area student to the 2024 Kaupas Camp with a donation on the button below.