Parents Frequently Asked Questions

We try to make important information easy to find, but there is so much to know.  So we created this page to help parents navigate and find answers to the most frequently asked questions we get.

If you have suggestions for questions you would like added here, please contact us.




What will my student need to take a gym class?

Students need to have some sneakers or gym shoes and alternate clothing to take a gym class.  Gym shorts and t-shirts or sweat pants and/or tops are acceptable.  If students wish to shower after a gym class they will have a ten minute window and will need a towel.

What do I do if my student is sick or late or needs to leave early?
  • Parents should call the school by 9:00 a.m. (570)339-1500 ext. 3134 to report a student’s absence.
  • Students must present a written excuse for absence to the attendance office in the television studio within 3 days of returning from the absence.  For more information check the student handbook.
  • If a student must leave school early, a parent must contact the principal or attendance office.
  • Students must report to the registration table when coming in tardy and then will be directed to the attendance office/television studio.
  • The student will be sent to class at the discretion of the Administration.

To participate in after-school activities, students must be in school on time on the day of the event, unless a doctor excuse is provided. Unusual circumstances will be handled at the discretion of the administration.

For more information refer to page three of the Student Handbook

What are the rules about parking or dropping off students at the Junior/ Senior High School?

Students being dropped off at the high school must be dropped off in the student parking lot in front of the main doors. Students may not be dropped off on the upper level where the buses enter and exit. No vehicles are permitted in the upper level driveway. See the Student Handbook for more information.

How can I check to see how my student is doing with his/her grades and assignments?

Progress reports are sent home with students on the third and sixth week of each marking period.  Also, parents can check student grades and assignments on the SIS(Student Information System).  A one-time registration is required to access information.  Any additional concerns can be discussed by calling the principal’s office at (570)339-1500 ext. 3110 or 3115.

How can I contact my student's teachers?

Go to our Faculty Directory page and click the email link below the teacher’s name you wish to contact.  If a meeting is requested, please contact the principal’s office at (570)339-1500 ext. 3110 or 3115 to set up a convenient time.

What can I do to help my students prepare for state testing?

Seventh and Eighth grade students can access the PSSA Study Resources page to review lessons preparing them for the test.  If an eighth grade student is taking an advanced course for a given subject area he may be taking a Keystone Exam instead.  In the case the student can access the Keystone Study Resources page.  Keystones Resources are made available for all nine through twelfth graders who are taking a Keystone test.

It is important that students receive plenty of rest before and during testing days.  Student should understand that testing is important as the results are part of their academic record.  They should be aware of testing dates, cell phone and electronic device policies with respect to testing and most of all remain relaxed so they can do their best.

Mount Carmel Area does offer after-school tutoring to prepare for testing beginning in January.

Additional concerns should be communicated to the principal’s office.


What activities are available after school for my student?

Mount  Carmel Area School District offers a variety of after-school activities including clubs and organizations, organized sports, and a robust program in both the visual and musical arts.  Students who wish to participate can contact any club adviser, musical instructor coach or athletic department to sign up.  Click the links below for more information.

Big Red Band                              Athletics and Sports                             Clubs and Activities

How can I get involved or volunteer to help the school accomplish its mission?

There are many ways in which parents can help MCA accomplish its mission.  Please feel free to contact us with any suggestions or report any safety concerns.  Staying informed through ALERTNOW and using the Parent Portal on the SIS are two good ways to monitor school activities, announcements and your student’s academic progress.  Parents are encouraged to get involved in the PTA and any booster organization affiliated with an activity that your student participates in.  In addition, membership or donating to the Mount Carmel Area Education Foundation can help provide valuable resources for current MCA students.

Refer to education foundation

What if my student needs to take medication during school hours?

All medication should be given outside of school if possible. Most medications, even those scheduled for three times per day, can usually be given outside of school hours. The Nurse’s Office does not have cough, cold, flu medication, allergy medications or antibiotics.

School policy prohibits students from carrying on their person ANY medication that is prescribed or purchased as “over the counter.” Students requiring oral medication during school hours may have the nurse administer such medication in compliance with the following regulations:


  • All prescription and over-the-counter medication must be in the original container (State Law).
  • Child’s name, purpose of medication, time and dosage to be administered, possible side effects and termination date.
  • Written instructions signed by the parent/guardian and physician.


Medication sent to school in baggies, unlabeled, or not in the original container will not be administered.

How do I get information on senior pictures and buying a Carmelite yearbook?

Information, guidelines and deadlines for the senior pictures are explained on the Carmelite Yearbook page of this website.  You can order your Carmelite Yearbook by downloading the order form and returning it to the attendance office located in the high school television studio, or order online at Jostens, which has an extensive selection of personal options and other products.

Where can I find information on special schedules, delays or early dismissals?

The best way to keep informed on delays or early dismissals is by completing the BLACKBOARD ALERTNOW FORM and submitting it to the superintendent’s office.  You will then be kept informed of changes in schedules and other events via phone messages.  Mount Carmel Area School District also reports school delays to local media includiing WNEP16, WBRE28, and WYOU22 of Scranton-Wilkes Barre.  Modified bell and bus schedules for special event days are included on our Bell Schedule page.

How can I get information on school events?

Most school events are listed on our Events and Activities Calendar.  There is also a Sports Calendar that lists only sporting events.  Often information on special events will be sent via BLACKBOARD ALERTNOW.

How can I advertise any non-profit event or activity on the school's television station?

Any non-profit organization can run an ad or information on an event on WKMCTV’s Bulliten Board which airs each school day on channel 13 Service Electric CableVision.  Information and presentations should fit on one page and can be emailed to our station.  Powerpoint forms are best as that is the format we use, but other forms of apllications are acceptable.

How do I join the PTA(Parents Teacher Association)?

Download an application for the PTA and return it completed to any officer of the organization or bring in to the principal’s office.  More information is available on the PTA page.

What kind of services are available for my student who needs academic assistance or personal counseling?

Students can talk to their teachers about arranging extra instruction time(before/after school or during study halls) for personalized assistance. If arrangements cannot be made, students should report their concerns to the Principal’s Office to schedule additional time for tutoring.

Parents who are interested in counseling services for their students can contact the high school Guidance Office, Student Assistance Program, or SBBH.  If any student feels they have a need to discuss any situation or problem that arises, they can contact the Guidance Office or any SAP team member.

What clothing is acceptable for school and school activites?

Dress code for school and events is addressed in the Student Handbook and the Dress Code page of this website.

How do I get permission for my student to use his electronic device at school?

Students are allowed to register one device to be used on the school’s network for educational purposes.  Registration procedure and rules on available on the Technology Page.

Are school district facilities available for public use?

Certain facilities of the district are available for rental by the public.  Organizations must carry their own insurance.  More information is available on the Facilities Usage page.

Can I purchase DVD's of school events recorded by WKMCTV?