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Student Assistance Team

The Student Assistance Team (SAT) is a group of teachers, support personnel, and administrators who have been trained to work with students who might be at risk because of various problems.  Members of the team are available to students seeking answers to personal problems or those who feel they need some help with any issue.  If a student feels they want to talk about something or just need some advice or help in any situation, they should feel free to speak to any of the trained members listed below.

Any student can be referred to the Student Assistance Team using this on line form.

Mrs. Hannah Monger Program Coordinator
Mrs. Eve Lyash Teacher
Mr. Chris Cunningham Teacher
Mr. John Darrah Principal
Mrs. Carole Lubeskie Social Worker
Mrs. Juanita Howerter Teacher
Mrs. Erica Nestico Guidance Counselor
Mr. Chris Olson Teacher
Mrs. Kathy Schauer Teacher
Mrs. Erin Schwalm School Nurse
Mr. Pete Cheddar Superintendent
Mrs. Christina Venna-Waugh Guidance
Mrs. Rompolski Teacher
Ms. Danilowicz Teacher
Mr. Runge Teacher
Mrs. Rhodes Teacher
Ms. Rockwell SBBH
Mr. Davis North’d Co. Drug & Alcohol

The Student Assistance Team deals with the following at-risk behaviors:

  • Drug and alcohol use and abuse
  • Depression and suicide
  • Eating disorders
  • Pregnancy
  • Physical and sexual abuse
  • Any drastic change in a student’s behavior, physical appearance, or peer relationships

Any teacher, parent, student, or community member can make a referral by speaking to a team member.

Meetings are held the first and third Thursday of the month.