TELA is a comprehensive K –12 curriculum delivered in an online format.  In addition to providing individualized scheduling and pacing for students, the Tornado eLearning Academy is able to offer unique opportunities that are unavailable from other cyber charter schools.


  • The Academy offers a fully blended approach to learning.  All students have the opportunity to participate in any District run program such as vo-tech education, music, clubs, athletics, etc.  Students are a part of the Mount Carmel Area community and have access to the opportunities afforded to students who attend our elementary and junior/senior high school.

  • Students who graduate from the Tornado eLearning Academy will receive a Mount Carmel Area High School diploma and will be able to participate at commencement ceremonies with other members of the graduating class.

  • A unique aspect of the Academy is our commitment to work in a collaborative partnership that allows prospective students and families to access the District’s resources and services in a way that suits their individual needs.


For more information on the Mount Carmel Area Tornado eLearning Academy contact the Guidance Office.